Wonimal's drop pod, as seen in Widow's Lair.

"Wonimal" is the callsign of a Human marine taking part in the First Invasion of Stroggos. Wonimal deployed from the Deimos, in the same battle group as Stepchild. His drop pod landed directly at the site of the Gravity Well that was trapping the Human fleet in orbit. Unfortunately, Wonimal's pod collided with the ground above the entryway and burrowed into it, ultimately slamming into the support wall from behind, so only the very tip of the pod was visible poking through a hole it made in the wall. Although Wonimal survived the impact, and could be heard banging on the inside of the pod and asking to be released, when Stepchild arrived at the area, he ignored Wonimal and left him trapped as Stepchild proceeded to confront and defeat the Black Widow. Given that even after taking a shuttle away from the Widow's Lair back to the Research Hangar and flying the Experimental Fighter into the sky, Stepchild still wasn't sure he was far enough away from the Antimatter Bomb he planted at the Gravity Well to survive the blast, it can safely be assumed that Wonimal, trapped at the very epicentre of the blast, was vapourized when the bomb exploded, and that Stepchild inexplicably left him to die.

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