William Rhodes
Biographical information



Ft. Worth, Texas

Physical description





6'1" (185.4 cm)


180Lbs (81.65 kg)

Additional information

S.M.C., Rhino Squad

  • Demolitions Expert

Corporal William "Billy" Rhodes is a twenty-five-year-old Rhino Squad demolitions expert from Fort Worth, Texas.


Rhodes joined the Space Marine Corps as soon as it was legal to, where he quickly specialized in demolitions. He has been demoted twice due to altercations with military police.

Billy Rhodes


On Stroggos, Rhodes is with MSgt. Marian Bidwell. After Kane and Cpl. Mahler's team secured the hangar, Rhodes arrived to destroy it. After destroying both hangars, Rhodes was called away by 1Lt. Scott Voss. When the anti-aircraft gun is secured, Rhodes arrives to destroy it.

During Operation: Advantage, Rhodes disarms the mines that blocks the Death convoy, where Kane will provide cover. Afterwards, he is not seen for the rest of the operation. When Kane is captured and stroggified, Rhodes is present when Kane is rescued, nearly shooting him before Voss stops him. After PFC Jeremiah Anderson notifies him that Kane isn't dangerous, Rhodes breaks open the glass cylinder holding him.

During Operation: Last Hope, Rhodes helps Kane get to the top of the data storage tower and stays behind to defend the security console. He is later seen on the Hannibal shortly after the final battle, congratulating Kane.


  • "Woohoo holy shit, this is some ride right buddy? Who's the new guy?"
  • "So you're alive. Cortez won the bet."
  • "Yes I am, double timing to the elevator."
  • "Kane, try to keep the Strogg off me, these charges I carrying won't reacted by weapon fire and just see you know. These puppets go off, they gotta take take out me, you and half this out."
  • "Come on, let go and see the firework!"
  • "HQ, charge plan to denote.''
  • "Woohoo yeah! Hanger now closing for business."
  • "Great, I am looking forward to blow that up."
  • "Kane, go to Morris. I want to stay here for awhile."
  • "Look it in the shit Dell, Kane's alright."
  • "You gotta love the marine core, sure the chow tastes like crap and the pay ain't the greatest, but where else am I gonna find a living blowin' shit up?'."
  • "Kane, you look like hell."
  • "It a damn luck. Voss Recognizes you."
  • "If we wait; in few minutes, you be a full squid."
  • "Shit, Kane really does look like a freaking Strogg."
  • "Hey, this is Rhodes, find me we gotta get moving."
  • "Kane, this is Rhodes, what are you doing? Find me, so that we can get on our it."
  • "Damn, what a mess! That tower guardian totured like a tornodo in ice."
  • "All right Strauss, Kane and I are in the data storage tower, what now?"
  • "Will do! Rhodes out!"
  • "You heard the man, Let's find that security station."
  • "Oh man, this is incredible. Look at all this!"
  • "Shit, I guess I can can see my house from here."
  • "I'll get you to that security interfaces on top of this tower."
  • "I wonder how the rest of our squad teammate on the Hannibal."
  • "Last time I saw Strauss, he was surrounded by fifty marine bodyguards. He also got big group of techs battling scribe. He is happy dying ever seen."
  • "Good Job, buddy."
  • "Lieutenant Voss would've been have proud of you. You've survived the impossible."

Friendly FireEdit

  • "Where were you aiming?"
  • "I am your side!"


  • Rhodes is six foot one inches, tying with Sergeant Morris and is one hundred and eighty pounds.
  • It is possible Rhodes previously held the rank of Staff Sergeant before his subsequent demotions.
  • Billy is also considering to be the toughest member only second to Sledge.
  • Kane has to escort Rhodes serveral times during the game.
  • He and Cortez have bet that Kane survived the crash in the beginning of the game, implied by their conversations.

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