30 seconds


1 minute

Found in

Scourge of Armagon



Provides immunity to all lightning attacks. Also, allows player better underwater propulsion and the ability to fire electrical weapons underwater without damage to himself.

—Scourge of Armagon Manual

The Wetsuit is a new Powerup introduced in Scourge of Armagon.

The Wetsuit allows the player to move considerably faster under Water and prevents drowning, just like the Biosuit.

The suit has one more major benefit — it protects the player from damage by electrical attacks (traps, Shambler's bolt, etc.). While wearing the Wetsuit, it is safe to discharge the Thunderbolt or the Mjolnir underwater.

Unlike the Biosuit, the Wetsuit does not protect somebody against either Slime or Lava.


When one encounters a Wetsuit in the game, it is usually put there for a reason. You should expect to face a long underwater trip or lightning-based attacks, so move quickly before the suit expires (30 seconds duration).

In the Storage Facility level, the Wetsuit's increased swimming speed will allow you to pick up the 100 Health in front of the rotating underwater fan without being killed by it.

Timeout MessagesEdit

  • Air supply in Wetsuit is running out


Wetsuit being acquired and equippedEdit


Wetsuit being used underwaterEdit



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