TR11 Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plant

The Reckoning


Unit 3

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The Water Treatment Plant is a large auxiliary facility at the Strogg industrial center. Its main purpose is to process polluted water from the Strogg factories, most likely with intent of re-using it in industrial facilties (since the Strogg are not quite concerned for their homeworld's environment).

The level features several large pools and canals filled with water and a number of indoor facilities, including a small warehouse. The main floodgates will have to be opened, in order for the player to continue the pursuit of the band of Gekk into the Badlands.

Quick Level Completion

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Differences from Easy to Normal

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Differences from Normal to Hard / Hard+

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#1: At the start of the level, head left until the end of the platform. There are some very small, easy-to-miss steps on the cliff face—these take you to an Ion Ripper.

#2: In the crate room, there is a Quad Damage on top of the highest set of crates. To reach it, start in the lower area where the door to the outside is located, and make sure to destroy the explosive crate. If you have trouble figuring out the exact pattern, finding a video of it is recommended.

#3: In the same room, search behind the crates to find a switch and a red power conduit. Destroy the conduit and hit the switch—a ladder will drop down from the ceiling. Use the crates to jump onto it, and climb up to claim a suit of Body Armor.

#4: In the outside area that has two floodgates opening into it, there is some Adrenaline nestled between one of the floodgates and the cliff face. This same area also has an unmarked Adrenaline lying in the open underwater, near the cliff.

#5 & #6: In the outside area that has only one floorgate opening into it, swim into the water underneath the two side-by-side pipes and blast the cracked grill. Surface for air and ready a Rebreather! Swim into the pipe, and activate the Rebreather just after you take your first health hit. When you reach the room, immediately swim into the other pipe and claim an Invulnerability power-up. Return to the room and climb up to the roof—on one of the crates below is a Megahealth, which is marked as a secret. Take your time and collect what you want from the roof before jumping down, though.

#7: At the very end of the stage, destroy the grate and climb through to find a suit of Body Armor.



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