Waste Processing
Waste Processing

Ground Zero


Unit 3

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You emerged yourself from a pipe used for damping waste from research hangar complex and you found yourself in a second level of Unit 3 of Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero - Waste Processing.

Now a little puzzle begins - leading through a different facilities of research hangar complex and plenty of resistance to find your way to a hangar where the experimental Strogg fighter is located.


At the start you will have to face deadly turrets equipped with rocket launchers in a corridor. Gain access to filtration sector and then proceed to the reactor. Activating the reactor you will activate pumping system and enable filtration, but first you have switch green security lasers off to get to the reactor. Once you activated reactor leave the reactor room immediately, because the radiation will kill you. Pump the water by three control valves located around the facility to flood an entrance area previously filled with lava. Use exit in entrance area to get to Waste Disposal.


#1) Before the room of deactivating the green security lasers, there are two benches under the ceiling. Shoot the bench which contains an adrenaline until it explodes. Get the fallen adrenaline.

#2) In the room of activating the reactor, there are two computer servers at a corner. Jump to the top of small inclined server and press the long green button on the side of tall server. Jump down and get the mega health under the tall server.

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