Thaelite Mines
Thaelite Mines

Ground Zero


Unit 1

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Specific Information


  • Primary: Gain entrance to Tectonic Stabilizer
  • Secondary:
    • Kill the Tank Commander to retrieve the Security Pass
    • Use the Security Pass to acces Tectonic Stabilizer

Thaelite Mines is the second level of Unit 1 of Ground Zero. In this level your objective is simple, gain access to the Tectonic Stabilizer; a giant machine which the Strogg are using to combat disruptive natural geological processes like continental drift, earthquakes etc. Proceed through caves, mine halls and the whole facility to get to the security room where the Tank Commander is guarding a Security Pass. Eliminate the commander and collect security pass, which will enable you to open the gate to the Tectonic Stabilizer.


  • #1) Press button to activate the large and slow lift. During going down, the left and right walls will explode and each side has two flyers. Jump to the right side and there is a crack on the wall. Shoot it to reveal a secret area and get the Megahealth.
  • #2) At the cave where a Chain Gun is located, opposite to the direction of carts, follow the track as bridge to cross for other side and jump down. Move forward and get the Quad Damage .
  • #3) After entering the room for security pass with 3 red lasers activated, there is a flame switch which is located on one side of the left column and faced to wall at the upper. Shoot it to reveal the nearby secret area. Move forward and crouch down to get the Silencer plus four Stimpacks
  • #4) Kill the Tank Commander to deactivate the red lasers and get the Security Pass. While other lights have just one illuminating tube in this room, there is a light with two tubes near the door at left side. Shoot the upper area of its right light tube until the wall explodes. Enter the new formed cave, turn right and then left, shoot the red crystal ore until it explodes which reveals another secret area. Move up and get the Ammo Pack.

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