Tesla Mine
Production information
Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

Around 10 per hit

Maximum Ammunition

50 Teslas

Ammunition Type



Ground Zero


Lightning Gun
Hand Grenade




The Tesla Mine is weapon that is only seen in the Quake II mission pack: Ground Zero. The Tesla is a lot like the Lightning Gun from Quake 1, however it is not a gun, it's a thrown automatic weapon that will fire any enemy. The Tesla can attack you in Multiplayer, but not Singleplayer. Teslas are good for ambushing certain enemies, like: Light Guards, Shotgun Guards, Machine Gun Guards, Enforcers, Gunners, Iron Maidens, Parasites, Berserkers, Stalkers, Gladiators, etc. The Tesla has a certain health limit, so it will get destroyed when it gets to much damage. Remember: Do not put two Teslas next to each other, or they'll just end up fighting, and destroying each other, making a waste of Tesla.



  • Teslas are pretty good of just ambushing any enemy. Just throw it on the ground right near an enemy, or just get an enemy to follow you toward it. The Tesla is good for tough enemies if you are low on health. The Teslas are pretty useless against the Turrets, because it'll be too far away from the Tesla.


  • Teslas are more like ambushes for the other players, but putting it next to one, the player will just shoot it while it is activating. Don't put a Tesla where you are, because the Teslas can attack even the spawner on Multiplayer. On Multiplayer, the same is for singleplayer, do not put two Teslas next to each other.


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