Technician (Q2)


Attack Damage

1 (blaster), 5-10 (melee), 6-12 (shock prod)

Found in

Quake 2


An almost completely robotic brute, controlled by a brain that floats around inside it’s metal body in a red preserving fluid.

—Quake 2 Manual

In Quake 2, a Technician is a floating mechanoid, comprised of two halves; the upper half is a transparent tube, containing a head or brain floating in a red liquid, cybernetically linked to a respirator and all of its other equipment. Its lower half is purely mechanical, comprising a weak Blaster for ranged attacks and two claws for melee attacks, as well as four jets enabling its floatation. The Technician has surprisingly high health, so make sure to break out your powerful weapons when you see one.

The Technician appears at the start of the Warehouse hub, and is a very rare Enemy throughout the game.


  • Alone, Technicians are easy to kill. Take out a Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Machine Gun, Chain Gun, Hyperblaster, Railgun or explosives and blow it away. A group of them is just as easy to take out, so don't worry if you see some floating towards you.
  • With other enemies, a Technician is a nuisance at best. Its Blaster does pitiful damage, so don't worry about it. Even its melee attack doesn't hurt too much, so just ignore it or hurt it with splash damage from explosives aimed at other enemies.


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