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Tactical Command

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Tactical Command is the final map of Unit 2 of Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero. It is an entirely indoors level, a facility housing large computers and laser communication systems. The facility also contains the main terminal for the Strogg ground-to-air communications. Disrupting these systems will throw the enemy air force into disarray and is thus the player's main task in this level.


  • Tactical Command for the first time:

In this level you may find the most important thing of the Unit 2 - data disk, which you will need to interrupt Strogg's communication system. Proceed through the facility, eliminate Strogg resistance, obtain the data disk located near the exit to Logistics Complex and return to Logistics.

After realigning the satellites' array you will be able to interrupt Strogg fighter communications by feeding corrupted data into the Strogg systems. Now security is offline so make your way to a transmitter terminal room and place data disk inside transmitter. When the data CD is accepted activate the communication laser and then bring the communications terminal online. Use the overflow tunnel to access Research Hangar and begin Ground Zero Unit 3.


  • #1) From start, go down the slope and there is a wall panel which displays, 'Security'. Turn around and look up, there is a flame switch on the edge of ceiling. Shoot it to reveal a secret area and get the Double Damage.
  • #2) After return from Unit 2 Level 3 Logistics Complex, before the exit tunnel to Unit 3 Level 1 Research Hangar, from the corner next to the exit gate, dive into the water. There is a crack on a corner wall. Shoot it to explode another secret area and get a backpack

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