Q4 SPC 01

The Stroyent Processing Creature

The Stroyent processing Creature is a large and excessively corpulent partially-stroggified creature, which is being used by the Strogg as a vital part in their Stroyent production operation at the Putrification Center.

The creature is force-fed with raw Stroyent, which is then somehow processed within its stomach and digestive system, in order to become ready to use. The creature is one of the five bosses in Quake IV along with Makron, Network Guardian, Voss and Nexus.


Q4 SPC 02

Control panel showing the creature's max capacity is nearly reached - overfeeding it would be dangerous!

During the later stages of the War against the Strogg, the stroggified space marine Matthew Kane encountered this creature and had to evade its dangerous metal claws. He eventually defeated it by overfeeding it, causing its bowels to burst.


  • The sound that the creature makes when its stomach bursts is the same sound the Maledict from Doom 3 makes.

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