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Splash Damage is an independently-owned British game development company that specializes in multiplayer first-person shooter games. The studio is best known as the creator of the Enemy Territory franchise for id Software.

Splash Damage was formed in May 2001 by the creators of high profile free mods, such as Quake 3 Fortress.

Following the success of some of their multiplayer maps for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Activision and id Software asked Splash Damage to produce three additional multiplayer maps for the Return to Castle Wolfenstein Game of the Year Edition. The same year, Splash Damage partnered with the two companies to develop Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a stand-alone expansion based on Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

In June 2003 and once again working with id Software, Splash Damage created all the maps for Doom 3's multiplayer mode and at the same time began pre-production on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, a follow-up to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory using a heavily modified version of the id Tech 4 engine and set in the QUAKE universe. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars shipped on September 28, 2007, and has won dozens of awards to date.

Contribution to the Quake SeriesEdit

Other Notable GamesEdit

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