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Slash is a returning character from Quake III Arena confirmed to be in Quake Champions

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Bio Edit

It began with the music box from her grandmother's attic. She couldn't fall asleep unless its tiny ice-skater was twirling to Swim Lake. Then she began to hear it in her dreams.

Then always. She resolved to become a skater herself. She would twirl and twirl until the music stopped. But it never stopped. She began to see strange, spidery things.

When clozaping didn't help, she turned to heroin. In the shooting gallery, she met a boy who saw things, too. They became inseparable...until the things they saw became real.

Statistics Edit

Health: 100

Armor: 50

Speed: 310

Abilities Edit

Active: Slash activates a plasma trail that does damage to opponenets who step in it. Pressing the ability button again during cooldown makes the trail explode,

Passive: Slash does a slide when she crouches similar to Quake 4's crouch slide.


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