Sg3 g
Production information


Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
Maximum Ammunition
Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Shell (orange)

Rate of Fire

60 rpm (1 shell per second)


Low-medium with a pellet spread of 700 unit radius


Infinite range of 131,072 units


In Quake 3 Arena, the Shotgun, or "SG", fires 11 pellets in a cone-shape. Due to the erratic spread of the pellets, it should only be used at very close range. If all of the pellets hit, the Shotgun can kill a healthy, unarmored target in two shots at point-blank range. There's a significant delay between shots, almost as long as the Railgun's, so try not to miss.

Strangely, despite having two barrels and visibly ejecting two shells with each shot, the Shotgun only consumes one shell when it's fired.


  • Since the Shotgun is only effective at very close range, you'll have to get really close to your target to kill him. Try to ambush him so that you'll be able to get a clear shot in without getting attacked. Hiding near corners and leaping out when somebody comes by is a good way to catch your target off-guard. Remember that you have one chance to kill them. If you screw it up, the target will be away from you and firing when you get another chance to fire. Depending on how much damage you did, you can fire again and hope a few pellets hit him.
  • Shotgun is a great finisher weapon for close quarters once you weaken the enemy with a rapid weapon like Machine Gun draw Shotgun quick and do the finishing touch.
  • Shotgun can be a great counter weapon against Rocket Launcher users. As RL user tries to get closer to land better hits Shotgun will riddle the player even more with every step they take. If RL user is a good player this tactic may not work very well, since they can keep a distance and still get clear direct hits.
  • Haste works great with the Shotgun, as it allows you to get another shot in quickly if you miss the first time. Moving faster means getting close to the enemy is easier.
  • If an enemy has the Shotgun, run away from them and open fire. The Shotgun is better than you might expect at medium-close range, although other weapons are often preferred. At close, use automatic weapons or your own shotgun.
  • Even at long range fire away seeing as one pellet does 10 damage and most players have 100 health you can kill at long range. Just aim and fire. Only use this tactic if you have plenty of ammo. Never use your last bits of ammo on long range kills save it for closer where one shot equals in one or two kills.
  • If you primarily use your Rocket Launcher, switch to the Shotgun at close range to avoid taking splash damage.
  • The Shotgun is effective at mid-range as well, you'll miss about 5 pellets, but you'll still deal around 50 damage.


  • The Shotgun apparently has an laser sight underneath the barrel but it can never be used. This is visible when firing the Shotgun.

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