Sg v
Standard Damage

24 if all 6 pellets connect

Ammunition Type


Maximum Ammo


Fire Mode

Pump-action, Direct fire

Rate of Fire

2 shots per second (120 shots per minute)

Muzzle Velocity

380 m/s


78 meters

Found in




The basic gun, to which all other guns compare favorably.

Quake Manual

The pump-action Shotgun is the starting Weapon in Quake. Players always spawn in with it, 25 Shells and an Axe. Generally weaker than the other weapons, the Shotgun is nonetheless a decent default weapon which can be used to acquire a more powerful weapon. The Shotgun and Double-Barrelled Shotgun are the only hitscan weapons in the game.


Single Player

  • You'll always spawn with it at the start of every episode, with 25 Shells.
  • It can down a Grunt and Rottweiler in two shots and an Enforcer and Knight in four shots, so it's pretty powerful against them. It is also effective against a Scrag.
  • The Shotgun can be used as a long-range weapon when you're out of Nails. Even though the Shotgun has a somewhat-large spread, it will still land a few shots on a target. This is usefull against Shamblers make sure you get in a safe distance from the monster, At best you won't take any damage if done correctly, But due to the shotgun's rather low damage you will spend a significant amount of shells.
  • Shells are very plentiful in most levels, so don't worry about using them up.
  • Because of its decent rate of fire & somewhat tight bullet spread, this weapon can be used as a pretty effective medium-range weapon, especially if the player is conserving ammo for the other weapons.


  • In multiplayer, the Shotgun should only be used to take pot-shots at occupied targets while you're running to a better weapon.
  • Rushing a target with it is suicide, as they'll almost always have a better weapon. If you only have it and the Double-Barrelled Shotgun, use it as the long-range weapon, as the Double-Barrelled Shotgun ineffective past medium range.
  • While not powerful, it is a hitscan weapon along with the Double-Barrelled Shotgun, meaning that shots are instantaneous. Getting a Quad Damage can compensate for the shotgun's lack of power, while an enemy swimming in water moves slowly and can be repeated hit with the shotgun.

Death Messages

  • Player chewed on Attacker's boomstick


  • As a default weapon and not a pickup, the Shotgun is one of the only two weapons in Quake that does not possess a world model (the other being the Axe).
  • Quake's shotgun model seems to be based around a Remington 870, but with a shorter barrel.
  • The boomstick death message is a reference to a line spoken by Ash(Evil Dead Series) in the movie Army Of Darkness to describe his Shotgun.



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