Scout is a Persistent Team Power-up that will be carried by the player until they are fragged. Team Power-ups are not limited by time and grant their abilities passively. It doesn't drop from player when he or she is fragged, instead it reappears back at the team's base.

Scout, as the name implies, grants player the ability to scoop the area and do hit and run tactics with increased movement speed and fire rate. In Team Arena it prevents player from wearing any armor and discards all the armor points the player may already have. Possessors of this power-up generally prefer rapid or large spread weapons like Plasma Gun or Nailgun.

In Quake Live it's modified to cap the armor points at 50, prevents fall and self damage also removes the player's footstep sounds, which could give away his or her current location. Scout players generally role as retriever of the team and that didn't change in Quake Live after the modifications done to the power-up. Scout players can dive into the base with Guard players to retrieve the own flag or capture the enemy flag.


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