Command HQ is the starting area of Scourge of Armagon. This is where players appear when they start a New Game. There are three slipgates selecting Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty, as well as a hidden fourth slipgate, which selects Nightmare difficulty.

Command HQ is a safe area - there are no enemies or hazardous traps.

Walkthrough Edit

Find the slipgate corresponding to the difficulty you prefer and step onto it.

Nightmare DifficultyEdit

Enter the section where the "Easy" slipgate is located. Once you're at the archway, turn right and follow the hallway. Go around a corner - there should be a stack of boxes on your left. Jump up and find a path through the crates, and eventually you will come upon a lift, inside the area protected by a force field. Ride the lift up and it will take you to the slipgate that selects Nightmare difficulty.



  • A system of wind tunnels becomes accessible in DM mode. There are two entrances into it. The first is towards the end of the long central corridor leading to the "Normal" difficulty selection - it sends the player to the room with the "Nightmare" slipgate. The second is to the right of the "Normal" slipgate and leads to the ramp near the "Easy" archway.
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