Quake Rocketlauncher Black2
Rocket Launcher
Standard Damage
  • 100-120 (direct impact)
  • 40-120 (splash damage)
Ammunition Type


Maximum Ammo


Fire Mode

Semi-automatic, Direct fire

Rate of Fire

75 rpm

Muzzle Velocity

86 mph (1000 units/sec)


191 meters (5000 units)

Found in




For when a grenade positively, absolutely, has to be there on time.

Quake Manual

The Rocket Launcher, or "RL", is one of the most potent Weapons in Quake. Getting hit by one is a one-hit kill if you don't have any armor, and its splash damage can do the same if you're close to the point of impact. Unlike most other guns besides the Grenade Launcher, this gun will never switch automatically when the player runs out of ammo of all other guns.


Single Player

  • In single player, the Rocket Launcher is a devastating weapon. Since the enemy AI is rather unintelligent in its behavior, it's pretty easy to launch Rockets straight at them without worrying that they'll avoid it. It's also very useful against faraway Spawns, as one explosion can set off a chain reaction that will get rid of most of the Spawns in a room. If they start to attack, don't use it against them, as if you hit them from close-range, you'll feel the effect of the Spawn and the Rocket's explosion.
  • Don't use the RL against the Fiend and Shambler. The Fiend's tendency to jump means that it'll usually get much closer to you as you're firing the Rocket, and the Shambler takes half damage from explosives.


  • This is where the Rocket Launcher truly shines. As stated earlier, the RL can kill an unarmored target with one shot. The weapon can also juggle enemies in the air via its splash damage, keep enemies away from you, and be used to Rocket Jump.
  • Unless you're a really good shot (and the enemy is unable to dodge), try to aim at a target's feet. While the splash damage may not kill them in one hit, it'll cause enough damage so that the next shot will kill them and will usually toss them away from you. If they get tossed far away from you, try to take them down with the Nailgun or Super Nailgun until they get to where your RL can be effective again.
    • Alternatively, one can also launch them into the air with the RL and finish them off with the Shotgun. At medium distances, most of the pellets will still hit the player and deal good damage, allowing for a quick kill.
  • Just remember that the RL's splash damage can hurt you as well, so don't try to use it in tight areas unless you're absolutely sure that you can survive the splash damage.
  • Rockets are slow. Try to anticipate your target's movement before firing.

Death Messages

Death by Own Rockets

  • Player becomes bored with life

Death by Enemy Rockets

  • Player rides Attacker's rocket
  • Player was gibbed by Attacker's rocket (if target is gibbed)
  • Player was brutalized by Attacker's quad rocket (if attacker has quad)
  • Player rips Target a new one (same as above)


  • Team Fortress 2 contains this weapon, where it is called The Original. It is only available to the Soldier class. [1] The weapon was a promo item for Quake 4.
    • The reason its called the Original is because this weapon was the primary weapon for the Soldier class in the Team Fortress mod for Quake.
    • The two weapons function almost identically, with the only difference being the origin of the rocket.




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