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Research Hangar is the first map of Unit 3 of Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero. The level begins the moment you left Base Complex via overflow tunnel and you found yourself in a secret research hangar complex surrounded by a lava.


  • Research Hangar for the first time:

Your aim is clear - destroy Anti-Aircraft Gun and for that you will need to reprogram the Gun and call an airstrike. Proceed through a facility eliminating the resistance until you pick up an airstrike marker guarded by a Gladiator. Then take it to the AA-Turret, place it nearby and reprogram AA-Gun so that an airstrike will succeed. After you destroy the gun, make your way to the other side of the canyon, where is the hangar. Unfortunately the bridge equipment is malfunctioning, which means you will have to find an alternate way through a broken pipeline in the canyon and get to the next level - Waste Processing.

At last you found yourself in a hangar itself. Now the only thing you have to do is to secure the Strogg Prototype Fighter, and because of that you will have to face a first boss you encounter in Ground Zero - the Carrier, which patiently waited for you to attack. Once you defeat an enemy proceed towards Munitions Plant using underground train.


#1) In the room of four hanging columns around the inclined road, there is a Body Armor located at a high position and behind a red laser beam. Stand at the highest position on the road in this room, then turn left and look up.  Between the top of shortest column and the wall, there is a flame switch located on the ceiling. Shoot it to explode the pipe for pouring out water which will deactivate the red laser beam. Dive into the water to get an Adrenaline and a Body Armor.

#2) After return from Maintenance Hangars, the tallest server at left (in front of you) is hollow and contains a  secret area. Jump to the top of shortest server, then the middle one at right. Shoot the top of tallest server until it explodes. Jump to this hollow server and get a Power Shield.

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