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TR repair bot
Repair Bot


Found in

The Reckoning


Better left alone, these hard-working robots can usually be found repairing doors, lights, and other types of equipment.

—The Reckoning Manual

The Repair Bot, also known as a "Fixer Robot", is an unusual Opponent; it will spend the majority of its time fixing broken equipment or architecture. Should a fallen Strogg be in its proximity, it will attempt to return it back to functional status. Though it is easy to kill, it is often not necessary to do so.


Repair bots seem to be about the size of a human head, and are fairly common. They shoot out a blue beam to revive fallen Strogg, but mostly will be found repairing lights or other electrical systems and are no threat whatsoever unless you harm them.

They look like a toaster, with two folded wings and "Caution" stripes down their backs. They have claw-like arms, similar to those of the Technicians, and no apparent optical scanners. They fly, and move much like a Flyer. Fixers also make the same "pain" sounds as Flyers. When killed, Fixers mushroom out in a large explosion.


  • Alone, a Fixer is no threat whatsoever. Feel free to ignore a lone fixer as they can't do anything to harm you. If they are in a group with other Strogg, they can be quite a threat. Either gib the Strogg you kill or blow up the Fixer with a rocket.

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