Ranger is the main character of Quake. While initially unnamed and referred to as 'QuakeGuy' 'Player ' 'The hero (Mission packs)' or 'Quake's Protagonist', a character named "Ranger" appeared in Quake 3 Arena with the exact same appearance and a description that matches the events endured by the protagonist of Quake. He is the sole survivor of Operation Counterstrike and his mission is to take down the enemy leader "Quake".

Ranger is voiced by Trent Reznor.[1]


Ranger is a marine in the special forces. He receives a telephone call at four A.M., and arrives at the secret installation by 5:30. The commander tersely explains that once they perfect the Slipgate device, they’ll be capable of utilizing them to instantly transport people and cargo from one place to another. But an enemy, codenamed Quake, is using his own Slipgates to insert his forces inside of some of Earth’s bases in order to kill, steal, and kidnap. Being their ‘best man,’ Ranger is in charge of Operation Counterstrike, finding Quake, and stopping him. Ranger has the full authority to requisition anything that he requires.

Around the time of the Operation Counterstrike, he is one of the many marines sent to defeat the enemy leader, codenamed "Quake". All marines sent through were killed, except for Ranger. Ranger then travels through 4 different dimensions, each more hellish than the last, to collect the four magic Runes that, when combined, will open the gate to the lair of Quake. In the second dimension, Ranger learns that Quake, is actually Shub-Niggurath from Lovecraftian myth, the evil mother of all creatures. After collecting all 4 Runes, a large hole in the main dimension select room leads to Shub-Niggurath's Pit. Ranger can not kill her with normal weapons, and must fight through many of her minions before finding the Teleporter that will teleport him to Shub-Niggurath's platform. He spawns inside the beast, taking up her space, causing her to explode, and leaving Ranger victorious.

Scourge Of Armagon

While in Shub-Niggurath's Pit, Ranger searches for an exit, finding a Slipgate and then entering it. He teleports to a modern military base. Ranger discovers that the base is both quiet and devoid of life, unsettling him. He performs a stealthy surveillance, then becomes attracted by the hum of a nearby computer terminal. He reads the final orders from the base commander on the screen. He learns that Quake’s forces have infiltrated the weapons storage facility and are receiving reinforcements via Slipgates located at the research center. The personnel were all ordered to execute the evacuation procedure EVAC-44A. His heart sunk as he realized that the commander has ordered the base to be sealed in order to prevent Quake’s minions from infiltrating further into Earth. With all of the vehicles and arms removed, the means of escaping or defending himself were absent. Gritting his teeth, Ranger decides to combat Quake’s forces directly, infiltrating the storage facility and disposing of as many of Quake’s forces as he could. He enters the Slipgate that leads to the weapons facility, but monitors indicated that the site had already been overrun with the minions that obey Quake. Gripping his Shotgun, he leaps into the Slipgate.

After battling through four or five areas, Ranger enters the deep bowels of the Research Facility, and discovers a type of teleporter that overloads one of Earth’s own Slipgates and permits Quake’s minions to enter Earth. With but a mere moment’s consideration for his own safety, he reenteres the dark domain, knowing that Hell would be a superior fate to experiencing the reign of Quake.

After battling though five or six more areas, he destroys a power generator, and passes beyond the gate of Mortum's Keep. A nauseating wave flows over him and he finds himself cast into a liquid void. He floats lifelessly, yet conscious, in a lavender, energetic sea. Eventually, he senses the presence of a diabolical intelligence. Held helpless for a moment, his mind opens to that of Quake’s General and master of this realm: Armagon. Recognized as the one who foiled his attempt to conquer Eath, a howl fills his mind and blots out all consciousness. When he awakes, Ranger finds himself on the shores of reality, yet in both a time and location unknown to him.

After four or five more areas, Ranger enters the lair of Armagon and soon defeats him in combat. After the final echoes of Armagon’s deadly yell fade away, Ranger breathes a sigh of relief, having eternally sealed the rift for Armagon’s soldiers. After a wall collapses, one remaining time portal is revealed, and with his chances to escape rapidly growing slim, he races for that portal, unknowing of his destination. In a bright flash, he finds himself at Command HQ, both safe and sound. Victorious, the minions of Quake have once again fallen by his hand.

Dissolution Of Eternity

After being deposited back to HQ, he discovers that the place is also quiet, and excessively at that. He exits Command Central in order to scan the dim corridor beyond. Ranger finds what may be a mangled Grunt or Enforcer, sprawled face down in a mire. His Backpack empited into the red-ringed muck, and among the spattered effects are the covers of a book, its binding tolled with the symbol of Quake. Ripped from the text and floating in the much, a page of parchment attracts Ranger. He reads the typface in the passage, and discovers that Quake has corrupted Earth’s history, effectively making him a deity. Angry, Ranger scambles across the body for a Shotgun, dragging the remnants of the Backpack behind. He notices another Slipgate at the end of the dark passage, and as he steps onto the Slipgate platform, he obsesses over the thought of ending Quake’s power.

After struggling though seven areas, he defeats the Overlord in his tomb, casting his Wrath army out, wandering aimlessly thoughout time. As the Slipgate fog surrounds Ranger, he wonders if Quake’s reign has ended, and also if it is either Salvation or Damnation which await beyond the Vortex. An alien though razors through the gaze, that being forgiveness can still be granted, as Quake remains to absolve the ‘sins’ against his Chosen. Ranger is commanded to fall down upon his knees and pray for Quake’s mercy.

Nonetheless, Ranger battles though eight more areas, encountering the Dragon who protects Quake’s temporal technology, then defeats it. He enters the area to Quake’s Temporal Teleporter, and devastates it. After destroying it, a high pitched noise emits from the device as stressed steels blasts outwards to rock the cavern. The ground shudders as reality returns to its predestined path. Ranger rapidly enters the charged time pod, scrambling in as the chamber closes. His consciouness fades as he realizes that the has arrested Quake’s plans for the dissolution of eternity.

However, sometime after this and the events of Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity, he is captured and put in the Arena Eternal.

Traits and Appearance

Ranger appears to be a very muscular man wearing an advanced suit of brown combat boots and Yellow Armor, he appears to be in his 40s or 50s since his facial hair is grey. Ranger wears white gloves which are not seen when using the Axe. He wields the Axe with his right hand and his voice is fairly deep. When he uses the Ring of Shadows it becomes apparent that his eyes are brown, although his gibbed head contains a few blue pixels. Curiously, his gibbed head is larger than that of his full model. His face can bleed purely by drowning.

Ranger's goals often involve talking little and killing everything he comes across, Ranger is experienced in both monsters and human enemies.

Ranger's total monster count in Quake is 1.803 not counting mission packs and not reachable monsters.


Ranger jumping
Ranger landing
Ranger landing dolorously
Ranger experiencing damage
Ranger being burnt from Slime or Lava
Ranger continually drowning
Ranger gasping for air
Ranger dying (normal)
Ranger being Gibbed
Ranger being killed by drowning
Ranger being telefragged



  • Ranger appears as a collectible marine guy action figure named "Quakeguy" in the Doom 2016 reboot.
  • Ranger shares the same jump and pain sounds with Bitterman.


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