Production information


Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • 100 damage per hit
  • 80 damage per hit in Quake Live
Maximum Ammunition
Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Slugs (green)

Rate of Fire

1 round every 1.5 seconds


Extremely accurate


Extremely long range of 8,192 units


In Quake 3 and 4 multiplayer, the Railgun, or "RG", is a weapon that fires a powerful, high caliber round that has the potential to kill an unarmored target at full health in one hit. The Railgun fires highly-accelerated hot uranium slugs which will pierce through flesh with ease. There is a significant delay between shots; which is indicated by a part of the Railgun turning purple between shots and sounding a recharging noise. When that part is white, it can be fired again. It should be used as the equivalent of a sniper-rifle, using the mouse-wheel to zoom, although it has no optics or sights of any kind on the weapon.

When player scores two consecutive accurate Railgun shots without missing, it will grant "Impressive" medal to player.


  • Use it like a sniper rifle. Just hide within a long distance and hit it quietly.
  • The Railgun requires predicting skills and practice to be effective. Practice on bots at a low skill level until you get the hang of it.
  • When using the Railgun, remember the cooldown period between shots. Try to run away while the gun is charging up, because an enemy will definitely notice you when you fire it, if they already haven't. Haste can speed up the cooldown if you have it.
  • If you're going against somebody that has the Railgun, constantly move and jump around. Try to move them around with a Rocket Launcher's blast so that they'll be disoriented enough for their shot to miss.
  • Do not use this weapon in close quarters. Its cooloff time makes you very vulnerable to enemy fire from weapons that work best in close quarters, such as the Shotgun. If you are entering a close-quarters are and have the Railgun out, take out another weapon until you're out of the area, unless you are a real expert and can hit your opponent with the first shot of the railgun.
  • Railgun is a great finisher weapon just like Shotgun. The difference is; railgun works best when your opponent is distant from you or you are about to ambush your oppoent.
  • Use a tactic called Tracing. Use your Machine Gun to "trace/track" the opponent. Once you can easily predict their movements quickly switch to the Railgun and fire, while continuing to track the movement of your target. This method allows you to get a better hit/miss ratio, as well as allowing you to use the tracing firing to remove a fresh respawn's overheal; allowing you to only use a single slug on the fight. Note that experienced players will switch movement/dodging tactics frequently if they catch on to the strategy.
  • Shoot zoomed in. It's hard to shoot an opponent on the move, not zoomed in for an inexperienced eye. However, scoped in players generally lack awareness to their surroundings, making them easy pickings for stealth-oriented players.
  • Try not to miss. If you miss and the opponent sees the trail, they'll know someone's over there doing some work. They'll probably pick you out, and either, shoot you to death or counter-snipe you.
  • High ground, high ground, high ground. Whatever you do, if you plan to be a sniper, do your work on high ground! If you're below everyone else, people will shoot you to death or humiliate you.
  • Don't even think about using the Railgun in enclosed areas. The Railgun is most effective on open space maps, where you can shoot anywhere. But if you're in a room that's extremely tiny, do not use the Railgun or you won't have a place to snipe.
  • Do not set your mouse sensitivity too high if you switch with the Railgun, unless you are dead on with it. It will be much harder to actually get a hit off on people.
  • Avoid using Railgun in small maps, players equipped with automatic weapon can charge and mow you down with ease.
  • If you're really desperate for kills, as bad as it is to do, stand on the other side of teleporters and shoot anyone who goes through it.
  • Don't use the Railgun at close to medium-close range. If you have it, switch to the Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, or Plasma Gun. While it is technically possible to score a kill in these ranges, it requries flawless timing, which can be very difficult to achieve.
  • If you shoot someone with a Railgun mid-battle, they'll (most of the time) be very low on health. So the best choice would be to switch to the Machine Gun or Shotgun to finish your opponent off, rather than attempt to get another Railgun hit.


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