Railgun - Black
Production information
Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • 150 (SP)
  • 100 (MP)
Maximum Ammunition

50 rounds

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type



Quake 2

The Rail Gun fires depleted uranium slugs at super high velocities. Take note of the distinctive blue corkscrew trail of smoke caused by the projectile – or better yet, see how many scumbag Stroggs it goes through before it hits concrete.

—The Quake II Manual

The Railgun, or "RG", fires an extremely powerful slug at its target. It has immense power, being able to kill an unarmored player in one shot. However, it has a noticeable pause between shots, so you'll be very vulnerable between shots. Nonetheless, the Railgun can inflict serious damage. The Railgun, due to its slugs' high speed and excellent accuracy, is arguably the best sniper in the game.


Single playerEdit

  • The Railgun is the second most-powerful and sonorous weapon in the game, delivering 150 damage points per shot. It can destroy a Tank within five shots, and others with less. Because of its power, it's advised to stock up on ammo for larger (and slower) enemies. Ammo is somewhat common, so it shouldn't be a problem unless the player makes it their weapon of choice against all Enemies.
  • Though the Railgun delivers a powerful punch, the user needs to be accurate or they will find themselves misfiring all the time, however, this should not be a problem if your enemy's slow.
  • In single player The Railgun delivers 300 damage if the target is unaware of the player. In this case a single shot will kill Gunners, Parasites, Iron Maidens, Berserkers, Technicians, Mutants, Medics, Brains and Icari. The Gladiator will fall in two shots. Combined with the Quad Damage the railgun will gib the Tank and even kill the Tank Commander in one shot if they have not spotted the player.
  • As stated in the manual, the slugs penetrate an infinite amount of enemies until hitting a wall, so try lining up enemies if possible. This saves ammo as well.
  • The Railgun is a good pick against bosses. 10 shots will take down a Super Tank, the Hornet dies in 14, and lastly, the Jorg and the Makron fall to about 20 slugs.


  • The Railgun is the most useful weapon in MP. As stated earlier, it can take out an unarmored player in one shot. Being able to predict next move of opponent can turn you into an almost-unstoppable wrecking machine. Newly spawned players will drop in one shot, not even giving them the chance of retaliation.
  • The Railgun is the perfect weapon for returning fire against other campers. Make sure they don't see or hear the humming sound of your Railgun otherwise they may run away and hide. Use height advantage and try to catch a glimpse of sight across hallways.
  • Upon facing a RG user, don't forget that you have a chance to attack without retaliation between their shots. So remember to shoot them as soon as they've fired. Using a weapon like the Hyperblaster or Chain Gun in short bursts is a good deterrent against a Railgun user, as they'll frequently move to dodge each barrage, in turn ruining their aim.
  • When fighting against somebody that has a RG, you must move in an erratic pattern and be able to mix up your routine with different moves. If you keep repeating one pattern, they'll figure it out and tear you apart. Try to crouch behind cover or height differences and deny them from chasing with stray fire or explosives like hand grenades.