Source of Evil is the eighth and final level of The Corridors of Time, the final level of the game and the final level of Quake and its official expansion packs. This is where the final battle with the Dragon takes place - within a large cavern filled with various types of ammunition, as well as a lake of lava. Once the final boss has been defeated, the way into the inner sanctum will be opened. There, players will have to destroy the Temporal Energy Converter in order to finish the game.

Quick Level CompletionEdit

  • Fight and defeat the Dragon, using the available weapons and ammo.
  • Enter the tunnel in the other end of the cavern and follow it to a new chamber.
  • Press the four buttons to open the gate.
  • Aim for the large machine suspended above the lava and shoot it until it is destroyed.

Single Player Episode Completion TextEdit

Finally, Quake's Temporal Teleporter yields to your assault. A high pitched scream emits from the devastated device as stressed steel blasts outward to rock the cavern. The machine is devoured by molten lava. The ground shudders as reality shifts back to its predestined path. You run to enter the charged time pod, scrambling in as the chamber closes. Your consciousness fades as you realize you have halted Quake's plans for... The Dissolution of Eternity.

—The Corridors of Time Completed

Multi Player Episode Completion TextEdit

You have destroyed Quake's Temporal Teleporter. His Assault on Time has been defeated.

—The Corridors of Time Completed


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