Tempus Fugit is the first level of The Corridors of Time. It is the first of the ancient-themed levels, being in a Greco-Roman style. The level features an aqueduct, a Forum-like area, and a large temple, where the first of Quake's dreaded Guardians are encountered. This is the only level to feature Statues, which act exactly like a Knight or a Death Knight, yet ambush the player when they least expect it.

The phrase "Tempus fugit" is in Latin and it means "time flies."

Quick Level CompletionEdit

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Walkthrough Edit

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Differences from Easy to NormalEdit

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Differences from Normal to Hard/NightmareEdit

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Introduction (DoE) or R1M7: Tomb of the Overlord Quake Levels R2M2: Elemental Fury I

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