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Welcome to the Quake Wiki, the best place to visit when you want read anything about id Software's timeless Quake series. Do you want to find more about the monsters of Quake or the maps of Quake 3 Arena? Or perhaps you want to add your own knowledge and experience to this unrivalled database of Quake. Everything is here for you, faithful fans of Quake.


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  • Deathstalker666


    September 20, 2014 by Deathstalker666

    Hello Quake fans! If you haven't been aware, we have been working on getting every level of the Q2 add-on detailed to the point of being a complete walkthrough on par with the original Quake walkthroughs! Today marks the completion of that project, where I can now say with confidence that we are the number #1 source for information on Q2. So, if you have no idea what I am talking about and assume that I am talking about Quake 2, go check out the Q2 page to see a rather obscure add-on created not long after Quake's release. We also have walkthoughs (video and textual) for all Single Player and Multiplayer levels. So, if you are curious how Exile and The Walls Have Eyes are different; or if you wish to compare that rather similar levels of Eternity, Decrepit Solitude, Caliginous Minaret, and Underworld Excursion, go check out the 101 level pages!

    Also, if you haven't noticed, this means that we have also cleared up a previously ambiguous issue in regards to Mods. Any Mod, Add-on, or whatnot may be added to the Wikia. I advise using Q2 for a good template. You may also want to check out the Policy in regards to such Custom Content. We have opened the floodgate to a world of new Quake info, which is especially useful as Quake is one of the most modded games of all time! I look forward to further expansion of the Wikia now that our limits are nearly endless!

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