The Story of Dissolution of EternityEdit

You're alive, and aware, and in one piece. "Thank God for simple favors," but... "What in Hell happened?"

Ages ago, you defeated Armagon; yet it seems as if it happened in the last instant. The Rift Portal was sealed and the slipgate effect deposited you back at HQ.

Command is quiet... too damn quiet! You exit Command Central to scan the dimly lit corridor beyond.

Sprawled face down in a stagnant mire, is a... Grunt? An Enforcer? Who could tell; what's left of him is mangled! His backpack has emptied into the red-tinged muck. Among the spattered effects are the bent leather covers of a charred book. Its bindings tooled with a familiar symbol. "No... that wasn't there before!"

Ripped from the text and floating in the muck, a particular leaf of stained parchment stabs for your attention. In a perfect hand-written typeface, the passage reads:

The Book of Common Prayer

Let it be known that, in this moment, our Master brought forth, from the void of order and light, a new existence of glorious darkness. His mighty hands fashioned this world of chaos, violence, and pain.

Our past, our present, and our future are moulded by the seeds that He has sewn. Through His wisdom, He has given us Ancient Guardians to tend the Chain of Time. Their suffering is our link and lineage throughout all time and forever.

In honoured service, we come before Him to pay our age-old debt. We whisper this humble prayer with the knowledge that He will hear our thanks for what He has brought to pass.

Oh Master Quake, we kneel before the Mark, upon this day, this hour, and this moment, to proclaim your dominion and celebrate The Day of Dissolution. Day 57, 1215 A.Q.

"GOD FRIGGING DAMN! This can't be happening!"

You scramble across the body for the shotgun, dragging the remnants of the backpack behind. At the end of the darkened passage a slipgate comes into focus.

One thought becomes your obsession as you step onto the slipgate platform: "THIS TIME IT WILL END!"

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