Quake Done Quick is a community of speedrunners in Quake. This community was started by Nolan "Radix" Pflug in April 1997. The goal of a Quake Done Quick speedrun is to complete the single-player campaign of Quake (or its mission packs) as fast as possible. Quake Done Quick is credited for the rise in popularity of speedrun and ganered great popularity within and outside the Quake community. Many of these speedruns were also featured in gaming magazines. 

There have been many series of speedruns created by Quake Done Quick, each with its own rules. Tranditionally, Quake Done Quick speedruns are played on the highest difficulty, Nightmare.


Title Time Date Published Difficulty Description
The Elder Whirled 5:16 May 9, 1997 Nightmare This is a segmented run of Episode 4: The Elder World of the full version of Quake Done Quick.
Quake Done Quick 19:49 June 11, 1997 Nightmare The original Quake Done Quick movie.



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