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Quake 5

Quake Champions teaser at E3 2016

Quake Champions is an upcoming game and considered to be the fifth installment in the Quake series.

Tim Willits (The last surviving id Software developer) is leading the developing for the game and is intended for release within 2017.[1]


The game will feature its own lore.[2]


Quake Champions is a PC-exclusive, multiplayer-only game, described as a "competitive arena-style, character-based shooter."[3] The game will be based on the gameplay of Quake III and Quake Live, while taking inspiration from the original Quake for its visual design. The selectable characters (referred to as "champions") all have passive abilities (e.g. extra speed),[2] and active abilities (e.g. ghost walking)[4] but the core style of gameplay remains the same.[2] Active abilities have a cooldown that lasts roughly 30-45 seconds; the specific length varies by champion.[4] The abilities are based on a rock-paper-scissors system, where certain abilities have natural counters. It is up to players to discover which champions work best together.[5] Over a dozen champions are expected to be playable when the beta launches.[6] It is intended that, abilities aside, player skill will be the determining feature.[4]

Loadouts do not feature.[2] The game will feature leagues and ranks, and its modes will include duels and deathmatch, but also team-based play. The game is intended to have an e-sports presence, and to become an event at QuakeCon.[1] Because of the presence of abilities, Quake Champions will have more of an emphasis on team-based modes rather than 1v1 or free-for-all gameplay, when compared to Quake III.

The gameplay allows rocket jumping.[1]

Game Types

  • Free-for-all[4]
  • Sacrifice[4]
  • Team Deathmatch[4]

Custom games will also be allowed.[4]

Payment Model

The game uses a free-to-play model. All players will have access to Ranger for free. Otherwise, players can purchase the Champion Pack, which will give them access to all champions for an unlimited point of time, or they can spend in-game currency called "favor" to 'rent' champions for a timed period. Those who purchase the Champion Pack and those who use the free-to-play model won't be divided between matches. The Champion Pack is considered the de facto pay-to-play option; the equivalent of purchasing a full game from the outset.[7]


The game went under the codename of "Lovecraft" during development.[2] The concept of the game existed as early as 2013, as the developers looked at what could be done to build off Quake Live. As they started to play around with some prototyping with the Quake Live engine and the game, the developers took note of the development of Doom. Saber Interactive was brought on to work on the game, as the project became separate from Quake Live.

Champions was revealed to the public by Bethesda at E3 2016.[3] The game is expected to enter beta in 2017, with the developers aiming for final release in the same year.[1]

The game runs on a hybrid engine designed by both id and Saber. However, both developer didn't revealed the title of the engine yet.[6]

By August, 2016, the game's payment model was still being determined.[8] In March 2017, it was announced that it would use a free-to-play model.[7]

The "Sacrifice" game mode has gone through four iterations as of 2017.[4]


Currently 9 characters are featured yet the game has been confirmed to be released with 12.


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Quake Series(in order of release)
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Quake Series(in order of release)
QuakeQuake IIQuake III ArenaQuake III RevolutionQuake 4 - Quake Wars - Quake Live - Quake Champions

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