138556-Quake (E)-1

The SEGA Saturn version of Quake was the first official console port released for Quake. It was designed by Lobotomy Software and released by Sega of America in the United States of America on December 2, 1997. A PAL release soon followed. Unlike the later Nintendo 64 version, the Saturn version uses the Slavedriver engine, which as the name suggests, was developed to power the Saturn game PowerSlave. Consequently, all of the Quake levels were totally reconstructed for the Saturn version, except for the four secret levels. These were eliminated altogether and replaced with the Saturn exclusive levels E1M8: Purgatorium, E2M7: Hell's Aerie, E3M7: the Coliseum, and E4M8: Watery Grave.

In addition to the four exclusive secret levels, the Saturn version includes an exclusive unlockable, Dank & Scuz, and an exclusive hazard, the Void. It has no multiplayer modes.

Changes to GLQuakeEdit

  • An introductory video was included, which displayed the SEGA logo.
  • A loading bar and loading screens were included.
  • Introduction uses a single path to the difficulties, rather than separate ones.
  • The in-game text is animated.
  • Text will appear indicating which difficulty was enabled.
  • There exists colored lighting, often animated.
  • Weapon viewmodels are rendered as sprites.
  • Dead enemies will not immediately relinquish their Backpacks.
  • Many sound effects were altered to be briefer.
  • However, the expiration sound effect for the Quad Damage became more prolonged.
  • E1M1 features a bridge that will drop down above the slime, rather than one that extends from the wall.
  • E1M1 lacks the 100 Health obscured in the dark area that one had to jump to.
  • The liquids look different, and they are animated.
  • There exist aquatics shadows within liquids.
  • The Double-Barrelled Shotgun fires more rapidly.
  • The NIN (Nine Inch Nails) logo on the Nailgun ammo boxes is not present.

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