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A port of Quake was released in 1998 by Midway Games for the Nintendo 64. Also known as Quake 64.

Changes to GLQuakeEdit

  • There is no Welcome to Quake, rather the difficulty is selected via the main screen.
  • Split screen deathmatch for two players, but suffers heavy frame rate drops.
  • HUD is not a big box; it only shows Armor, Ammo, and Health.
  • Weapon crosshairs
  • Different music composed by Aubrey Hodges, but same style (ambient). See Quake 64 Soundtrack for the samples.
  • No Cooperative multiplayer.
  • Exclusive deathmatch level: The Court of Death
  • It is missing the following levels: E1M4: the Grisly Grotto, E2M1: the Installation, E2M4: the Ebon Fortress, E3M5: the Wind Tunnels, E4M1: the Sewage System and E4M5: Hell's Atrium.
  • The player has to play through the levels in a linear order, and cannot choose a specific episode.
  • Colored lighting, but the lightmaps on world surfaces are pre-rendered. Objects such as enemies, weapons etc. are dynamically lit according to the colored lighting sources. Weapons firing and other moving light sources do not light up rooms, but have a corona around them, similar to the default in GLQuake.
  • Six built in configurations for keys
  • 320x240 resolution
  • Less detailed maps, but graphics look better than vanilla Quake. GLQuake looks better in some ways, however.
  • Distortion effect in Fluids on weapons.
  • Has no "NIN" (Nine Inch Nails) logo on the Nailgun ammo boxes.
  • The Nailgun and the Thunderbolt use different sound effects when they fire.
  • Lacks the Dopefish!
  • Extra secrets to compensate the missing levels.

Level Changes (Going by Hard/Nightmare Difficulty) Edit

MAP 1 The Slipgate Complex Edit

  • (#5) is removed and the Grunt is on railing

MAP 2 Castle of the Damned Edit

  • No Strogg Crates in starting room
  • No Wall in Water leading to (#1)

MAP 3 The Necropolis Edit

  • Since there is no E1M4 in this version, the secret exit for Ziggurat Vertigo will be located in (#3)

MAP 7 Ziggurat Vertigo Edit

  • In the pyramid square room there is no cubbie hole with 100 Health

Videos Edit

Quake 64 Commercial, 1998 (US)

Quake 64 Commercial, 1998 (US)

A comercial and trailer for Quake 64, Released in US only.