Quake's High Priest
Quake's High Priest


Attack Damage
  • (45) Laser Beam
  • (10) Staff Butt
Found in

Dissolution of Eternity


Quake's High Priest is the third and final Boss Guardian in Dissolution of Eternity. It appears like a normal Aztec guardian, but is much tougher. It's fought at the end of Blood Sacrifice.


Staff BeamEdit

Quake's High Priest fires three green salvos from its staff in an arc. Each beam does 15 damage, making for a total of 45 per attack. The beams move very quickly through the air, thus making them difficult to dodge at close range.

Staff ButtEdit

If the player gets close, Quake's High Priest may hit the player with the butt of his staff, doing around 10-20 damage.


After going through the silver key door and fighting a couple of ogres, follow a corridor to the left to come out to an open area. Quake's High Priest will appear from the middle of the courtyard and attack. Take cover in the corridor and start attacking it. As with the two previous guardian encounters, as soon as the Boss receives damage, normal guardians will also appear and attack.

Although the best place to attack from is the corridor, be aware that part of the floor has collapsed into a small pool of lava. It is possible to jump across back to where the Ogres were and it is also a safe area where the Priest and guardians can't get to. Concentrate on Quake's High Priest and kill any guardians that get in the way. Once Quake's High Priest is dead (confirmed by an on-screen message), the exit portal will be unsealed.


  • When Quake's High Priest is killed, a message appears on screen saying "Quake's High Priest is no more!"

Death Messages Edit

  • "Player" was crushed by a Guardian

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