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"Magnum upgrade! You now deliver four times the pain!"
— Every Quake game manual except for Quake 4.

Appearing throughout the Quake series, Quad Damage is a power-up that amplifies a weapon's damage by a factor of 4 (quadruples) (3 in Q3A and Q4) for 30 seconds. With it, even the most basic of weapons (such as the Blaster) can do incredible damage, usually able to take out a target with one or two shots. The Gauntlet can even frag an unarmored player at full health. Because of this, it is the most sought-after power -up in the Quake games. To counter its power, it makes distinct sounds when firing and losing power, and in later games, it surrounds the player with a blue glow.

The Quad Damage appears like a Quake logo-shaped rune. When the player activates it, their vision takes on a tint the same color as the powerup, and their face becomes wide-eyed and crazed-looking as long as the powerup is in effect.



In Quake, the Quad Damage is found around the maps in Single Player and Multiplayer. In Single Player it is usually found before or in an area of a lot of enemies. It is activated on pickup and thus the player is advised to plan ahead and only pick it up in a situation that really calls for it. Note that the effect wears off at the end of the level, meaning it cannot be transferred to the next level. It can be useful at taking down stronger enemies but it is also useful with weaker enemies as the Shotgun becomes deadly, and thus can be used instead of the Nailguns, Double-Barrelled Shotgun and Rocket Launchers (saving ammo). Usage of powerful weaponry whilst the Quad Damage is activated is usually overkill, even the Shotgun will be more prone to Gib enemies. It is advised to use weaker weaponry to conserve ammo.

In the Multiplayer, the Quad will light up anybody that has it, allowing other players to see them and run away before the holder sees them.

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Quake IIEdit

In Single Player, it can be stored in the inventory when picked up and used whenever you feel like it. Only 1 can be held at any one time on Hard skill, 2 in Medium skill level, so it is advisable to use them as they come as the player will lose out on the Quad Damages he/she comes across if he/she already has one clogging up space in their pack. It does however mean that they can be used when and where the player sees fit, such as a boss fight. This does not apply on Easy skill, where unlimited Quad Damage powerups may be held at any given time.

In Multiplayer, the power-up is instantly activated after being picked up unless the Instant Powerups deathmatch flag is set to false. (Instant Powerups has a dmflags value of 16)

In the CTF modification (available in a Quake 2 3.20 update bundle) the player with the quad glows the color of his respective team.

Quake III Arena and Quake IVEdit

In Quake 3 and 4, the Quad Damage only multiplies damage by 3, making it less powerful than its forefathers. It appears in most levels in Quake 3, sometimes hidden away and is greatly sought after by bots and players alike. When picked up, the player is surrounded by a blue aura, making him/her easily spotted by other players, and sometimes in deathmatch, the Quad Damage owner will be everyone's target. However, with quad damage, it will be much easier versus enemy player with Megahealth or Heavy Armor.

The damage value can be modified by /g_quadfactor in the console. The default is 3 so if the player types in /g_quadfactor 100, the weapons damage will be multiplied 100 times when the Quad Damage is being held. In the same way, if the player types in /g_quadfactor 0 for example, his/her weapons will not do any damage at all.

In Quake 4, the Quad Damage powerups can only be found in Multiplayer mode and they are not common. Sometimes they are removed for balancing reasons, due to unfairness to the players, even the damage multiplier is down to 3.

In Team games the player glows the color of their respective team. When they are killed, the Quad Damage will disappear instead of being dropped for the next person to pick up.

Timeout Messages (Q1)Edit

Quad Damage is wearing off


  • Originally, the Quad Damage was simply called the "Quake Power".
  • The "Magnum" in the description is originally the term for guns loaded with extra gun powder in the bullets, this at most cases make the weapons more powerful.
  • Despite the description claims, the Quad Damage in Quake 3 only delivers three times of damage, unless the value got modified via console command.
  • The Authority Augmenter power-up seen in "Rage" (another Id Software game) bears a strong resemblance to the Quad Damage power-up from the Quake series, even down to its distinct sounds as its wearing off.


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