Proximity Launcher
Production information
Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

Around 60 (right below)
1-59 (depending on distance)

Maximum Ammunition

50 Prox Mines

Ammunition Type

Prox Mines


Ground Zero


Grenade Launcher (Q2)




The Proximity Launcher (also can be called the Prox Launcher, or Mine Launcher) is a Weapon that is only seen in the mission pack Ground Zero. The Prox Launcher is a weapon that looks exactly like the Grenade Launcher from Quake 2, except with a different color, and texture. The Prox Launcher fires mines. If an Enemy steps on them, they beep, and explode, causing damage to the enemy. No matter if it's an enemy, ally, or yourself, they will explode if someone goes near them.



  • The Prox Launcher can defeat any enemy the size of a Tank, or smaller. The Prox Launcher is not really useful to take out flying enemies like Flyers. The Prox Launcher can be useful for taking out a Gladiator, a Medic, a Stalker, or even a Medic Commander. Just be careful not to fall into your own trap.
  • If they hit an enemy directly, Prox Mines will explode immediately, just like regular grenades. You can use this to your advantage, if you need to conserve your ammo.


  • The Prox Launcher is good for a player that is charging at you because you can place the mine on the ground right in front of you if the player is going to attack with a Chainfist. The Prox Launcher can also be good to trap a player around the corner. You can even place it, and then walk off, but remember where the trap is.


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