Prisoners are marines captured by the Strogg and found in a few levels of Quake II.

They are always making moaning sounds, covered in blood and are unable to communicate with the player as they have been driven insane by their torture at the hands of the strogg.

They are found in the levels Detention Center, Security Complex, Guard House, Torture Chambers, Processing Plant, Research Lab, Upper Palace and in a secret area in Final Showdown.

Prisoners can either be stood up, or crawling across the floor. Others will be constantly wandering around. Some are crucified so are unable to move. They will utter sentences such as 'help', 'it hurts', 'let me out' and 'kill me now'.

Prisoners can drop ammunition for the player upon death with the exemption of the crucified prisoner in Torture Chambers dropping the pass for the player upon being killed.


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