Not to be confused with Quake 2's Energy Armor.

Power shield
Power Shield

30 seconds


1 minute

Found in

Dissolution of Eternity



This 'little gem' significantly decreases the damage you receive from most enemy attacks. In Deathmatch, try out the RAM attack to send your opponents flying.

—Dissolution of Eternity Manual

This 'little gem' significantly decreases the damage you receive from most enemy attacks. If you're feelin' frisky in Deathmatch, try out the ram attack. It's an added 'weapon' to send your opponents flying.

Dissolution of Eternity official website

The Power Shield is a new Powerup introduced in Dissolution of Eternity. While active, the shield protects from damage originating in the player's front arc by 70%, which also reduces weapon knockback.


In Single Player, the Power Shield should best be used in situations with numerous powerful enemies or boss fights. Combined with 100 Health and Red Armor, it will make the battle even easier.

In Multiplayer, players under its effect can "ram" other players for deal damage to knock them back for better tactic and strategy.

Against the power shield, lava spikes only have their damage reduced by 30%.


Shield being acquiredEdit


Shield being hitEdit


Shield expiringEdit


Timeout MessagesEdit

  • Shield failing...
    • Shield lost.


  • If damaged by Slime or Lava, the shield provides full-strength protection to players facing the world origin.


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