Plasma Gun
Plasma Gun
Production information


Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • 20 per Plasma ball
  • 1-14 [splash damage]
Maximum Ammunition
Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Cells (purple)

  • 20 units of splash radius
Rate of Fire

600 rpm (10 plasma beats per second)

Muzzle Velocity
  • 2,000 units per second
  • Plasma cells prestep at the first 20 feet then drop down to their normal speed in Quake Live



Extremely long range of 20,000 units


In Quake 3 Arena, the Plasma Gun fires slow bursts of blue plasma based on the Doom series. These generate a very small amount of Splash Damage. The Plasma Gun is Q3A's version of the Hyperblaster, with faster, explosive shots. Its high damage output, tight firing cone and projectile speed make it an excellent medium range gun.


  • The Plasma Gun's tight firing cone make it excellent at medium range. Any further, and it becomes easy to dodge. Any closer, and it becomes hard to track your opponent effectively. Circle strafing is a very effective tactic to use with the Plasma Gun. Leading is not very necessary.
  • Your ammo depletes quickly, due to the short ammo supply and high ammo consuming rate; always make sure you have a backup weapon in case the Plasma Gun runs out.
  • When fighting someone with the Plasma Gun, try to get in close with a Shotgun or a Nailgun. Alternatively, you can try to back off and retaliate with a Lightning Gun or a Railgun. Whatever you do, make sure you do not stay in between long and close range.
  • It's advised to advance the range by hit and run tactics. Don't strafe too much or stand at the same distance for too long. Also avoid narrow corridors, where your opponent has huge advantage over by suppressing fire.
  • Plasma Gun is the best when it comes to pinning down an opponent or covering entrance points like Grenade Launcher. It can pressure fire a narrow hallway with ease and in case opponent run towards you, you can fire the PG in front of his feet; inflicted splash damage will be enough to force player to change his direction or retreat. Direct hits can be easy and lethal to enemy player.
  • Due to the fact of it being difficult to hit a enemy, players tend to ignore this weapon for something like a Rocket Launcher. If this is all you have fire erratically near your target to get some health down.
  • Plasma Gun coupled with Quad Damage can sheer enemies' health by a lot, even when they're equipped with Battle Suit, as the projectiles traveled at high velocity will be very likely to hit the enemy without generating splash damage.

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