We've 'beefed up' the Thunderbolt to fire a plasma energy ball. The shot 'grounds out' on target, impacting with powerful tendrils of lightning. This alternate mode is great for recon! A small box equals six charges and a large box equals twelve charges.

—Dissolution of Eternity Manual

All I want for Christmas is one of these death machines. The Plasma Gun uses your lightning gun to deliver powerful blasts of energy that seek out victims when they get hungry.

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Plasma Cells are a new type of ammo for the Thunderbolt in Dissolution of Eternity. They come in two types of boxes; small and large. Small boxes contain 6 rounds while large ones contain 12 rounds, just like Cells. The boxes are animated. As with regular Cells, discharging this ammunition underwater is fatal to both the user and those around her or him.



Thunderbolt firing plasmaEdit


Plasma flyingEdit


Plasma explodingEdit


Weapon appearanceEdit

When Thunderbolt is loaded with Plasma Cells, it changes its appearance (and name). A silver metal part with red wires (just like on the box) will appear on top of the weapon to indicate that this special ammo is loaded.



The Plasma Gun fires orbs of explosive energy which will also electrocute nearby enemies upon explosion. As with Rockets, there is a risk of self-injury if the projectile explodes close to the gunner.

If a plasma orb does not make contact with anything within five seconds, it disappears.