Plazmabeam – Black
Plasma Beam
Production information
Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

20 damage

Magazine Size

50 energy

Maximum Ammunition

200 rounds

Fire Mode

250 range

Ammunition Type



Ground Zero




The Plasma Beam is functionally equivalent to the Quake's Thunderbolt that it is only found on Ground Zero from Quake 2, in that it is essentially an extremely powerful sustained hitscan Weapon. The only notable differences between the two are that the Plasma Beam causes a fair amount of knockback and has a practically unlimited range, unlike the thunderbolt's limited range.


Energy consumption is pretty high, so make sure you keep the beam on the target. Do not use on weaker enemies - it's a waste of ammo. The Plasma Beam can be very useful against Gunners, Medics, Parasites, Stalkers, Berserkers, Iron Maidens, Flyers, Technicians, Icaruses and Turrets and more powerful foes, such as the Medic CommanderTank, Tank Commander, Daedalus, and the Gladiator. You should also make sure to save some of your ammunition for bosses, such as the Carrier and the Black Widow Guardian.



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