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Enhanced Human

Mmmm. That was linked into my pleasure circuits.

—Pi, after telefragging

Pi is a playable character and second challenge player will face at the Tournament mode of Quake 3 Team Arena. Players face her at the Death Factory.

She favors BFG10k and Rocket Launcher. She's not really a jumper type unlike most of the other bots, she prefers to run and strafe around to evade shots rather than jumping. Pi is sure a cutie but that doesn't mean she's not deadly.

Quake 3 Team Arena BioEdit

A proud and determined woman, Pi can trace her ancestry back to the Viking raiders of old. As a space fighter test pilot, she developed nerves of steel and reflexes the equal of any veteran gladiator. She died when her experimental Valkyrie interceptor plunged into the icy surface of Europa. Generations later, scientists recovered the frozen remains of her corpse and reanimated it, replacing the mangled flesh and crushed organs with cybronic implants. If she was deadly before, she's almost unstoppable now.


Pi is a fast challenger, strafes around alot and dodges the shots. She has a very similar taste and accuracy in weapons to Slash. Heads for the Rocket Launcher and uses tunnels deep down in the arena to make dramatic aerial shots.

Her map is a rather unique one as it includes Grenade Launcher and Personal Medkit. None of the tourney bosses have GL neither have Medkit in their arena maps. Use it to your advantage and gather them in time. Switching to Grenade Launcher is a nice choice if you gonna deny her escapes from the tunnels or lower levels. Also Railgun is a kind answer to her mid-air rush ins.

To beat her easily, player should dominate the RL area and stay at the top level so, you can catch her when she's mid-air and pick up important items with ease. Gather both Light Armor pickups when available. After gathering one or both armor pickups, it's advised to head for Medkit room and run the small tunnel full of Armor Shards.

If you're really stuck have to escape or have nothing better to do use the tunnels deep down of the arena to ditch her and refreshen yourself, so you can get back to restocking even if it's a bit late. Getting the Personal Medkit might give you the strength to move on without having to stop on.

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