Personal Teleporter

In Quake 3, the Personal Teleporter is a holdable Powerup that sends somebody to a random respawn point when used. If a person holding a flag uses it, the flag will be dropped. Respawns 60 seconds after it is picked up.


  • The Personal Teleporter can be a life-saver if used correctly. If you're low on health and hear or see someone with a powerful weapon nearby and you can't grab any Medikits, use it. You'll be out of danger, deny the enemy a frag and (hopefully) be near some Medkits.
  • It's also useful when you're on the losing end of a firefight. Teleport away and you'll deny the enemy a frag! But you might get killed before or as soon as you teleport.
  • The Teleporter can be used if you are about to fall into the void in space levels such as Space Chamber, this only work before the character dies.
  • On certain maps, the Teleport will allow you to enter otherwise inaccessible areas, which could contain powerful weapons or other goodies.