Attack Damage
  • (6-9) Wrath ball
  • (21-29) Axe and Mace
  • (60) Death Explosion
Found in

Dissolution of Eternity


This robed skeletal figure ominously floats with the environment. His attack? A ball of energy which tracks the player and detonates on impact.

—Dissolution of Eternity Manual

These skeletal figures are undead priests devoted to chaos. All 4 of his monstrous arms are tools of obliteration. When he's not hacking you to pieces, he fires energy projectiles similar to those of the Wrath. Jump back into the crib, you're not ready for this.

Dissolution of Eternity official website

The Overlord is the leader of the Wrath and possibly the replacement for Armagon as head of Quake's forces. After Shub-Niggurath's death Overlord captures some Earth technology and builds a time machine to go back in time and alter the history. Warriors of Earth attempted to stop him but they are possessed by the Overlord and turned into Quake's Guardians. Around the same time Ranger arrives in the new reality after defeating Armagon and starts one final journey to destroy the Overlord and his pet dragon. The Overlord resides in his tomb which is last level of the first episode of Dissolution of Eternity. The Overlord is the first boss enemy of the game and final challenge for episode 1. The Overlord returns in episode 2 because player is back in time and has to confront him again.

This robed skeletal figure ominously floats with the environment. His attack is a ball of energy which tracks the player and detonates on impact.


The Overlord possess two attacks, he can launch fire balls like the Wrath, whose are very similar to the Vore's energy pod.

Wrath BallEdit

Launches a red energy ball which homes in on the player much like the Vore's attack.

Mace and AxeEdit

A melee attack when the player gets too close.


  • During the fight at the end of episode 1, the Overlord has respawning Wraths to back him up. He can also teleport around the room making it more difficult to kill him. Since the Wrathballs home in on the player, constantly moving will only help slightly so the best defense is to go a full, merciless offense. Since this is the end of the Episode, there is no need to save ammo and so unload everything you have (Plasma and Quad-Rockets work best) to kill this beast before he and his minions kill you.

Death MessagesEdit

  • "Player" was obliterated by an Overlord


Overlord smashing somebodyEdit



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