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Outer Base

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Not to be confused with the Outer Base in Quake 2.

The Outer Base is a small military outpost situated next to a major Strogg industrial center. It was probably built there to provide protection and house a reserve force of Strogg troopers.

The player's main task here is to find a Red Keycard, which is to be used to access the Refinery.

Some areas of the level have suffered structural damage - due to TCM bombardment and a Drop Pod crash landing. The player may have to overcome inoperable doors or collapsed wall sections, as a result.

Quick Level Completion

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Differences from Easy to Normal

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Differences from Normal to Hard / Hard+

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#1: After blowing up the bars and climbing through the vent, look up into the passage you dropped from. Shoot the button to reveal a compartment with some Megahealth inside.

#2: In the room with the lava pit covered by a grill, on the upper floor, shoot the diagonal corner plate. It can be identified by the Berserker noise coming from behind it. This passage will take you, first, to some Adrenaline, and secondly, to a perilous jump over lava to claim some Body Armor.

#3: Just beyond Secret #2's area, there is an elevator with a covered ceiling. After riding it up, press the button above to send it back down, revealing a Quad Damage hidden away on top.



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