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P orbb
Biographical information
Physical description



5'10" (1.78 m)[1]


350 lbs. (158 kg)[1]


Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun

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Alien Construct[1]

The chicks really dig big eyes.

—Orbb, upon attraction

Orbb is a playable character and an enemy warrior in Quake 3. He was designed by the makers of the arena to record the battles, but instead, he joined the battle, surprising the creators and the other contestants. Oddly it appears first with Mynx, may be Vadrigar wanted to have a peek on the hot stuff or thought she would seek attention of the Arena Elders?

He is a large eyeball, attached to a metal body, and organic legs. He has a large antennae on his body, as well as a spot to hold a weapon on his back, which is strange because he was designed to record battles, not fight them. He is the only character in Quake 3 Arena that does not have a general human shape, even less than Klesk or Uriel. Playing as Orbb does not restrict movement, despite his obvious handicap. He makes various squeaking and squealing noises. At first person he will look like everyone else, but its will be strange through the mirror. 

Despite Orbb is a low tier warrior, it's pretty accurate with a large selection of weapons. It's reaction time is rather slow at low difficulties but his turning is swift. Its movement pattern is a rather rare one as it prefers crouching more than jumping.

Orbb is one of the most common warriors, even though it is a Tier 1 warrior. He has also appeared in Tier 2 and Tier 3. Perhaps the Vadrigar wanted the Robotic Eyeball to move up, or perhaps they just wanted it to get battle footage for each tier.

Its other names in chat lines are; "Eyeball", "Cyberclops", "Ol' One Eye" and "One-eyed Freak".

Quake III bioEdit

The eerily bipedal eyeball, Orbb first entered the battleground between worlds as an uninvolved observer, constructed by the Arena Masters to watch and record the battles. Soon, it surprised its masters (and other combatants) by taking up a weapon and joining the fray. What goes on in the mind behind that glassy lens remains a mystery. The trail of carnage it leaves behind is not.[1]


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