Nailgun (TA) – Black
Production information


Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • 20 per nail, 10 nails per shot

(200 damage if all nails connect)

(120 damage if all nails connect)

Maximum Ammunition
Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Nails (teal)


65% of total projectiles bounce off of from solid surfaces for once in Quake Live

Rate of Fire
  • 1 shot per second
Muzzle Velocity

555 units per second


Spread of 400


In Quake 3 Team Arena, the Nailgun fires a shrapnel of ten slow-moving projectiles in one shot. If all of the projectiles connect, they can kill an unarmored and healthy target. In addition, there is a significant delay between shots, so shots should be timed so that they kill a target in one hit.


  • The Nailgun can be a good weapon if used at close to medium range. The slowness of the projectiles requires that you be able to predict where your enemy will be going. If not, your projectiles will miss. If the enemy gets close, fire it.
  • The Nailgun can also be used to cover a key entrance to your base. The sheer amount of projectiles the Nailgun fires can quickly dissuade a foe from attacking. If you have an ally firing the Nailgun with you, you can overwhelm multiple attackers.
  • If an enemy has the Nailgun, simply move in an erratic pattern. Constantly moving around will make it difficult for him to predict where you'll be going, making it harder for his projectiles to hit you. Don't get too close, because if all of the projectiles connect, you'll be destroyed.
  • The Nailgun's projectile bounces off walls. If you're feeling particularly tricky, try to shoot a wall to the side of your enemy or behind them.


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