Mutant 2


Attack Damage
  • 40-50 (pounce)
  • 10-15 (melee)
Found in

Quake 2


Comments: Run.

—Quake 2 Manual

In Quake II, the Mutant is a large, grey creature that only uses melee attacks. It can pounce and slash you.

It is notable for being one of only three known examples of native Stroggos fauna (the other being the Barracuda Shark, and the Gekk, found in The Reckoning) to have survived the global industrialization programs of the Strogg, which have heavily polluted so much of Stroggos.

Mutants only appear in the Prison and Mine hubs.


The Mutant can move at fast speeds making an easily heard, unique sound. Once the Mutant has seen the player, it will run around until it has a clear path between it and her or him and jump at the player if she or he is within range. This first pounce can deal between 40 to 50 damage and then it will begin its claw attack without delay dealing 10 to 15 damage in very quick succession. The damage from the pounce added to the damage from the claws can become immense if the Mutant isn't dealt with quickly. If the player is backed into a corner and hasn't got a decent weapon at the ready, the Mutant will easily tear her or him to shreds.


  • Alone, a Mutant isn't much of problem if you keep your distance from it. Keep circle-strafing it so that it's jumps will always miss, then attack it with the Chain Gun or Hyperblaster. Explosives are risky because the Mutant could be jumping in front of you when you fire an explosive, damaging you as well as it.
  • With other enemies, the Mutant can be a problem, depending on how much room you have to maneuver. If you're in a large room, strafe around the room to avoid the Mutant and other enemies. If you don't, try to find an area that offers you more room, because a Mutant will tear you up if you don't have any.

Trivia Edit

  • The Mutant attacks and acts very similiarly to the Fiend from the first Quake, even the face is quite similiar. They have the same health and attack stats


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