Multi Rockets

Multi Rockets or Multi-Rockets are an alternate type of Ammo for both the Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher in the Quake mission pack Dissolution of Eternity. As the name implies, this type of Ammo shoots multiple Rockets or Grenades while using only a single unit of Ammo. They are very powerful and the Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher use them differently.

Grenade LauncherEdit

These 'split off' into five distinct grenades for an increased damage radius. The explosive effect is... stunning! A small box equals five grenades and a large box equals ten grenades.

Dissolution of Eternity Manual

If this pineapple misses its target, it gets pissed. Watch this baby split into several minibombs and tear through an angry mob like a knife through butter.

Dissolution of Eternity official website

These clever little explosive devices split en route into five separate grenades for an even bigger killing field.

Activision’s official website

Multi Grenades use a unique method of attack — they act as normal grenades the moment they're fired, until a couple seconds pass, whereby they split into several clusters of smaller grenades, creating multiple explosions. This is a very damaging attack but requires careful timing; if the initial grenade hits an enemy it will explode like a normal grenade does. These grenades are also used by the Multi-Grenade Ogre.

Rocket LauncherEdit

These fire as one rocket, then 'split' into four to locate separate targets. A small box equals five rockets and a large box equals ten rockets.

Dissolution of Eternity Manual

As if one rocket wasn't enough, this souped up launcher fires 4 stinger missles [sic] that will take out a camper from 1000 ft. I call it the 'Happy Gun'

Dissolution of Eternity official website

It fires as one rocket, then splits into four pieces to obliterate mutiple targets.

Activision’s official website

The Rocket Launcher is comparatively easier to use as this ammo basically turns it into a rocket shotgun. Each shot fires four miniature rockets at once. If all of these rockets hit it can do as much as twice the damage of a normal rocket. Using them to rocket jump is not advised unless the player has Armor, Invincibility, or both.

If these Rockets do not make contact with anything within four seconds, they shall explode.


Just like Rockets, Multi Rockets come in two types of boxes: small and large. Small boxes contain 5 rounds while large boxes contain 10 rounds. Multi-Grenade Ogres drop a Backpack of two Multi Rockets when killed normally, but not when gibbed.


Multi Grenade Launcher being fired
Multi Grenades bouncing
Multi Rocket Launcher being fired
Multi Grenades and Multi Rockets exploding


Weapon appearanceEdit

When the Grenade Launcher or the Rocket Launcher are loaded with Multi Rockets, they change their appearance. Yellow-black stripes will appear on a part of the weapon to indicate that this special ammo is loaded.