Turnabout is fair-play; at least for the Ogres, that is. Occasionally you will find that these guys can toss a Multi Grenade at you, too.

—Dissolution of Eternity Manual

Although still dim-witted, the lowly minions of Quake have learned a thing or two since your last encounter. Some of the ogres now carry the same Multi-Grenade launcher that you will be carrying yourself. Be careful when dealing with this guy, he may be dumb, but those explosives don't need an IQ test to obliterate you.

Dissolution of Eternity official website

The Multi-Grenade Ogre is an advanced version of the original Ogre. It only appears in Dissolution of Eternity. It has the same health as the Ogre. It wears a different-looking suit and it fires Multi-Grenades as its ranged weapon. Every multi-grenade ogre shall drop a backpack of two Multi-Rockets once killed.

When a level is started, randomly chosen ogres become multi-grenade ogres. Therefore, their numbers and locations change every time, making this enemy even more unpredictable and dangerous.


Multi-Grenade Ogres shares the same model of the regular Ogres, but their textures differ. Their tunics are green instead of brown, they possess a shoulder pad on their right arms, a blue tattoo across their upper left arms, green wristbands, a belt, red eyeballs, a less open mouth, a silver-tinted insignia, and they are slightly bloodier. Their grenade launchers feature black and yellow stripes on them.

When killed, multi-grenade ogres drop a backpack containing 2 Multi Rockets.


  • The same tactics used against the Ogre should be able to be applied to this variation. If it is possible, it is advised that the player gets some distance in order to avoid the grenades.

Death Messages Edit

  • "Player" was destroyed by an Ogre

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely, the gibbed head of the Multi-Grenade Ogre has a silver nose ring, even though the intact body does not.


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