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  • Welcome to Mounting Floppy Images 101 - enjoy this amazing training course.

    Before you begin

    • Make sure the image files are not read-only. DOSBox hates that and can't mount them. Uncheck the attribute, if it is present.
    • Make sure you know the file extension of the image(s) - the most common ones are .IMA and .IMG, though you might encounter others occasionally.

    If we assume your image is called EXAMPLE1.IMG and is located on D:, this is the mounting command:

     imgmount a D:\EXAMPLE1.IMG -t floppy

    This will mount it as drive A:, which is the classic drive letter for floppy drives in the 1990's (along with B:, if there was more than one drive).

    But some games come on multiple volumes. How do you handle that? There are two methods:

    Method 1: Dumping - The easier method. Just create an empty folder somewhere on your DBox "hard drive". Then mount the first floppy image and copy all of its contents to the empty folder. Then mount the second floppy and do the same (copy contents to the same folder)... continue until you have copied (dumped) the contents of all images to the folder in question. Then just run the installer - most of them should detect that all necessary files are present and thus won't ask you to "Please insert Disk #2". This method works for X-wing and TIE Fighter.

    However, it doesn't work with all games - some of them absolutely require you to switch disks (e.g. the original installer for Spear of Destiny), even if you have dumped everything to the folder. Then we use this:

    Method 2: Switching - This method is closer to the genuine installation process from the 1990's. Here, you have to mount all images on the SAME drive letter. Assuming we have 4 images files, the command is:

     imgmount a D:\EXAMPLE1.IMG D:\EXAMPLE2.IMG D:\EXAMPLE3.IMG D:\EXAMPLE4.IMG -t floppy

    No commas or semicolons between the image names! Now all four are mounted to the same drive letter, however only EXAMPLE1 is the currently active image. Start the game installer... and one point it will ask for Disk #2 - then press Ctrl-F4 to switch to the second image (EXAMPLE2 becomes the active image) and continue the installation. Repeat this process until installation is complete. Feel like a 1990's gamer yet?

    Note: If you have reached the last image and the installer asks for the first one again, just press Ctrl-F4 again and it will go back to EXAMPLE1 being the active image.

    Another note: The Ctrl-F4 "switch" command works with multiple mounted CD's as well.

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    • Hey, it's not the end of the world. Besides, you've seen a very small fraction of the whole game - if it were a building, you'd be still standing at its entrance.

      You know what, perhaps you have spent enough time in that training course and maybe you should try the next part and see how it goes. This could be the way to salvage this whole experience. Plus, you'll escape from the monotony and get some meaningful action ;)

      There is one issue that really concerns me - the game seems very choppy. I don't know if it's just the recording or it really is like that while you play, but if it is, then this is a major problem. Your problems could stem from the fact that it runs so bad on Daum.

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    • Regardless, I get the feeling I just hate games, it would explain why everything just makes me more miserable.

      I doubt I would find enjoyment in that because I didn't get the proper preparations.

      That is how it plays. One more reason to hate games, they never work right.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, can you add a voice actor parameter for the Quake Champions character template so that I can add their respective voice actors according to the credits?

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  • Dear Admin (or Admins), do you guys wanna add new pages to

    Or shall I try and include Overbounce and a few other pages?

    I can use that guide as my manual, under the "Advanced Movement" section. Yet, I trust an admin to handle the situation more and perhaps making instructional videos about those personally. Either I can start and write the pages then link a few duel videos where those are utilized to a degree.

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  • I noticed you've dealt with a few edits that make some drastic assumptions. I noticed quite a few on other pages. One of the recent edits states that the Overlord had a pet dragon. I am sure there was never any mention of the Dragon being the Overlord's pet. I like that people are so invested in Quake that they have these ideas, but you're right in ensuring that these ideas don't get mixed in with fact. This wikia is always for fact and fact alone.

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    • No worries. I tried to communicate with summaries, it is why I didn't simply revert your edits at the start. I am glad you noticed this thread.

      I can understand passions and drive. To think out all these ideas and want to express them. As I said, in the right format it is quite good. Just posting them in an area intended for facts will result in a slippery slope (which brings me to the question of some trivia, which sometimes infers connections I am not sure were intended, we really need to pay more attention to interviews and other official sources) of what is factual and what is not.

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    • Ah yes, I used to do such edits too as a young and green editor (oops). Death and Raadec were quick to show me the right path, though.

      So yeah, when you really want to contribute to a Wiki, you have to be certain of what you write. This is why I avoid editing materials related to games I haven't played - the lack of personal experience creates a risk of assumptions sneaking into my edits.

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  • We got hold of screenshots for Quake Champions at this year's E3. I didn't see a gallery page on other game pages, so I didn't just want to throw it somewhere not allowed; instead, I've posted them on my profile page at the bottom in case you want to use them ;)

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  • Hi, Deathstalker666!

    With the upcoming release of Quake Champions, I was wondering if you would be interested in an updated wordmark to the site and some small additions to the main page to highlight the game? Even if it's just something as small as adding an additional icon in the introduction box for it ;)

    Also, if there's any tweaks you'd like to the overall theme (colors, etc.), I can help there, too.

    If not, no worries!

    Best regards,


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    • No problem! If I can be of any help now or in the future, feel free to give me a poke ;)

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    • Gladly! I appreciate whatever assistance we can get here.

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  • I need to convert some sounds to Ogg format, but i dont find a way to do it, can you help me?

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  • New message thread started.

    So, as I mentioned in the stream, the Play Station version of Hexen replaced the text screens (and the story text in the manual) with cutscenes - rendered in the lovely rough 3D graphics of 1996.

    You can enjoy them here.


    And one more thing - I don't know if you'll be able to see this video (I appear in it and say something at one point), but it's worth a try. If it's uploaded as public, you should see it. Link.

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