Medic Commander3
Medic Commander


Attack Damage
  • 2 (blaster)
  • Revive
  • Spawn
Found in

Ground Zero


The Medic Commander is introduced in Quake 2’s Mission Pack: Ground Zero. The Medic Commander is a stronger version of the regular Medic with the same health as the Daedalus. The Commander has a blaster like the regular Medic and can heal their allies. But the Commander can also spawn Strogg in the battle, creating squads of enemies out of nowhere to bring the player down. This makes the Medic Commander one of the toughest Strogg in the game, although it has low health compared to the bosses and four railgun shots or one BFG blast will kill it.


Upgraded Laser BlasterEdit

Shoots an upgraded laser blaster in the same way as the Medic. Two shots will be fired followed by 12 more at a fast rate of fire. The upgraded light blaster flies through the air much faster but the amount of damage is low if the player keeps moving. It will do a large 28 damage if every shot hits from each attack.


Revives fallen Strogg that has not been gibbed. Just like the Medic, the Medic Commander will shoot a red beam at a dead Strogg, bringing it back to life with full health.


Spawns 1 to 4 Strogg at a time to aid in killing the player. See below for a list of Strogg that the Medic Commander can bring to battle. A medic commander can fill an area with enemies very quickly so kill it before you finish off the Strogg it has spawned.

Spawn ListEdit


  • Like their older brothers, medic commanders will revive any ungibbed dead Strogg on sight. Along with their ability to spawn enemies ranging from guards to gladiators makes the Medic Commander a very dangerous foe. An empty room can be filled with Strogg within moments by the Medic Commander and so fighting this thing can be long and deadly.
  • The best strategy is to end it before it even begins. Use the Railgun to kill the Medic Commander in four direct hits before the fight goes completely insane or the BFG to destroy the Medic Commander in one attack before the fight gets out of control. Try to jump/shoot in order to get a direct hit on the Medic Commander through its spawned Strogg. If the BFG blast hits another Strogg that gets in the way, quickly charge up another blast to take out the Medic it self.
  • Of all the places to save BFG ammo for, the Medic Commander is third, falling only behind the Black Widow Guardian and Carrier.