Medic1 2
Medic (Q2)


Attack Damage

2 (blaster)

Found in

Quake 2


As the name suggests, this threatening organism has the ability to awaken dead Strogg from eternal sleep.

—Quake 2 manual

In Quake 2, a Medic is a centaur-like Strogg with an ape-like posture that has a rapid-fire blaster for a right arm. It has the ability to revive any enemy in the game as long as its corpse is not gibbed. As soon as it sees a corpse, it'll make a beeline towards it. As it's reviving an enemy, the enemy will glow bright red.


  • Alone, a medic is easy to kill. Its blaster does little damage, so you don't have to worry if it hits you. Just make sure to gib any corpses around you before fighting it, but not always.
  • With other enemies, the Medic can be a real pain if you don't gib corpses. As soon as you kill an enemy, gib its corpse before it can hit the ground. You need to be quick or the Medic will revive it. Otherwise, the Medic will be a nuisance as best.


The Medic spotting an opponent
The Medic being injured
The Medic being killed


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